Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Sell?

We are selling more than just a lighting fixture, we are selling a promise: a promise to you that our state of the art product will work effectively giving you the lighting and brand that works best for your lighting needs.

With What Voltage Input Are Your Fixtures Compatible?

All of our LED fixtures are millivolt compatible giving it the ability to work with any voltage input power, 120~200~240~277V.

Am I Able To Adjust The Angles Of The LED In The Fixture So I Can Have It Concentrated To A Certain Area?

No, all of our LED’s that are mounted to the modules then attached to the fixture aren’t adjustable; each LED has its own separate magnified polycarbonate plastic that always lets the light shine equally to the surrounding areas. This gives the light a proper light distribution and allows the light to flood properly.

Are Your Fixtures Weather Proof?

Yes, all of our fixtures are weather proof, which includes: rain, snow, hard winds and dust. They have all been tested to cover the IP66 certification giving it the ability to withstand a range of weather conditions.

What’s The Lead-Time For Receiving Products?

This depends on the location and the size of the order. Most of our manufactured items are stocked here in California, but the longest lead-time would be two months for a large order.

Does Continental Lighting Install The Lighting Fixtures As Well?

No, our company does not install the items – we only sell the product. However we do recommend an electrician if needed. Most of our products are very simple to install and an electrician will be able to connect the lighting fixtures.